The Battle of the Superminis

This year has seen some tough competition in the Supermini sector as car manufacturers have really upped their game.

The likes of Mazda, Ford and Mini have been rewarded for their efforts by winning various awards over the past year. The competition between the car manufacturers can only be a good thing for motorists as they really do have a great choice to pick from.

The WhatCar? Awards are widely thought of in the industry and therefore the winners should feel pleased with their efforts. In the 2009 hot hatch category the Mini Cooper S came out on top – this was taking cars from all price categories into account.

Although the Mini Cooper S is quite pricey it really does offer great value for money – you get what you pay for. This particular model is also really fuel efficient – it has a fuel economy of 45.6mpg – which is better than the likes of the Nissan Micra. With the Mini you also get great retro looks which have a lasting appeal.

At the World Car of the Year Awards the Volkswagen Golf VI was crowned the World Car of the Year which is great praise indeed. It was chosen from an entry list of 51 cars. Other close contenders for this award were the Ford Fiesta and the little Toyota IQ.

The Golf has always been one of the leading hot hatches and is renowned for its superb performance, reliability and ‘coolness factor’.

Aside from these cars the Ford Fiesta is another hot hatch that has done extremely well this year – winning multiple awards.

The new-look Fiesta has won a lot of praise for its dynamic and exciting styling. It was handed two awards from Auto Express magazine, it was named Overall Car of the Year and was placed at the top of the supermini category. The cabin has also been praised for being ‘cutting edge’ setting the standard for future cars. The new Ford Fiesta was a unanimous choice by the judges in this sector showing just how highly thought of it was!

I’ve certainly seen a large increase in drivers owning a Ford Fiesta, London seems to be a hot-spot. The Fiesta comes in some great colours which really makes it stand out from the crowd.

So, this year has been especially good for the supermini’s, time will tell if the trend continues in 2010 – or perhaps it will be the turn of another sector to step up their game.

Lucy Penn is an online marketer and researcher who is currently researching the Ford Fiesta in London at