Win the Battle of Life

We humans have brain and able to think about present, past and future. Human is able to ruin the forest and the life of other beings. Many times it happens with us. We don’t know how to do the things? Same as right now I am feeling while writing the post. It happens while we disturbed due to some bad activity around us. Our concentration doesn’t associate with us so easily.
I have moved 3 times while writing this post but after spend one hour out there I am ready to move on and finish up this article. Sometimes with negative thoughts, we see the world as hell and with positive thoughts it seems wonderful every where. I am not here to give you the guru mantra instead I have been sharing some practical view to win the battle of life.
What is the Battle of Life?
Different people have various views on it. So, choose your own view by yourself because I can’t impose my thoughts over you. My meaning for battle of life here, we people didn’t have any option except to born on the earth. So, in whatever situation we born, we have to spend our lifetime on this earth either we can choose to live happily or go on death bed before time call us. Every person has their own life to battle.
How to win it?
Many people used to say “this thing was not in my luck” so I have failed, but in many posts like you will definitely win and many times through my quotes I admonish you.
“You loose, when you quit”
If you are trying to accomplish the target so, still you are in battle. If you feel that you don’t have any choice except to surrender.  I highly recommend you “Use a prayer method”, take the motivation, read the motivational quotes of legendary people.
After follow your heart, you will find the right track. Trust me !!

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